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Customized cap development


Do you have very specific ideas about your packaging and have not found a suitable closure in our extensive standard catalog? We consider unusual designs and requirements that demand all our engineering and production skills a positive challenge.

KISICO fulfils your product requirements and design needs precisely and reliably, from the sketch to the model to series production. We also offer our own packaging solutions for small quantities as it is not always necessary to create a completely new mold.

All caps are available in a range of colors and materials that can be customized to correspond with regulatory requirements. With a wealth of experience in manufacturing caps and closures for our clients in the healthcare, food and beverage and chemical industries, we can even anticipate them.

Product Development
3D drafts
in-house development department
in Germany

Your partner from start to finish


Complete one-stop shop for pharmaceutical packaging services. We offer a wide range of additional services especially for the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that your product is delivered in accordance with your specifications. As a result, you save time and money while avoiding extra work steps on your part.

We start by selecting suitable raw materials in compliance with all necessary certifications, and deploy them in our class 8 clean room facility. Our 40 highly- sophisticated molding and assembling machines – the majority of which are equipped with control cameras – ensure outstanding quality and security in production. Production and further processing can be carried out in a class 8 clean room, a class 7 clean room or under laminar flow. Raw materials and liners are certified according to EAB and USP Class VI. Prior notifications about changes can be agreed on in a change control agreement.

We implement batch tracking and batch documentation storage as well as sample storage as per industry norms. Furthermore, KISICO works with trustworthy partner companies for steam, gamma ray and ethylene oxide sterilization. You will receive a sterilization certificate for your product. Our quality management system has been certified DIN EN ISO 15378 for primary packaging for pharmaceutical products since 2009. Closures are available with a Drug Master File and we can also take care of DMF applications for further products and new developments. We are open to client audits and regulatory inspections and are periodically audited by our customers.

Class 8 clean room
documentation & traceability
Autoclavable, ETO Sterilization, Hot-Air 180°C, Gamma-Ray

Two- and Three-component caps


Our 2K|3KCaps product line includes multi-component closures developed by us that are now established in many areas.

Their autoclavable closure reseals after piercing with a hypodermic needle. A cover protects the piercing site from contamination and keeps it sterile. Whether dual-component or multi-component, all closures are available in a wide variety of designs – as closures with ports for needles or spikes as well as closed versions with and without tamper-evident or child-resistant functions.

Compared to conventional closures with mounted rubber inserts and septa, multi-component closures offer numerous advantages. During sterilization, as there is no cavity or gap behind the seal, moisture cannot collect behind the sealing disc during autoclaving – there are also no inaccessible areas that cannot be reliably sterilized. In addition, they provide maximum safety during autoclaving, since the sealing disc is held tightly in the cap even when there is negative pressure in the bottle and without the use of adhesives. Available in several variants with food- or medical-grade certification up to USP Class VI.

Sterile cover
Leak proof even after repeated piercing

Effective protection for your product


SmartCaps are closures with multiple functions, for example, closures with a tamper-evident ring as well as a desiccant or venting function. The expertise required to produce these special closures can be applied to both closures from our standard range and to customized products. 

With e-commerce burgeoning, a function that indicates the integrity of the packaging – such as screw caps with a tear-off ring – is becoming even more important. Combining tamper-evident and desiccant functions, for instance, is one of the many ways this can be achieved. In doing so, the contents are not only protected from moisture but also from external tampering.

These closures can enhance the user-friendliness of the packaging of many products. The sealing discs are designed to be both the best technical solution as well as cost-effective, and are mostly automatically assembled. Our extensive experience in this field guarantees an optimal and secure fit of the assembled components – for this, we take full responsibility.

Venting function

Safety for kids and your product


SafeCaps are KISICO ́s child-resistant closures. Increasingly, strict legal regulations require certified child-resistant closures for a growing number of substances. In many areas, push-and-twist caps are used not only to meet regulatory requirements, but also for branding or liability reasons.

KISICO supports you in this endeavor with a wide range of child- resistant closures for many common thread sizes in our standard range. Of course, we will be happy to design an individual solution for you that incorporates our proven technology and know-how. In developing child-resistant closures, we also pay special attention to their suitability for senior citizens.

Our SafeCaps can be combined with many different functions, for example, with a tamper-evident ring as the first opening indicator, or with a venting membrane that equalizes the pressure, thereby preventing swelling or collapse of the bottle.

Push & turn
and other functions

Injection-molded packaging and components


Besides caps and closures, KISICO also develops and produces packaging solutions, medical devices, and other technical components. These include injection-molded bottles for clinical diagnostics, dosing aids, and holders for analytical test strips.

Our experts consider unconventional requirements that demand the full spectrum of our collective knowledge concerning design, plastics, and production techniques, an exciting challenge. 

The solution to a packaging problem is not always a more or less elaborate closure or cap. Often the entire concept requires comprehensive analysis to reach an optimal solution. Our creativity and core competencies in product design and the selection of special plastics enable us to create unique and reliable solutions.

Injection molding
from small to large
according to your specifications
Special requests

Reliable laboratory caps


LabCaps from KISICO are closures designed specially to withstand stress, such as those frequently encountered in analytics and in laboratories due to extreme temperatures, aggressive chemicals, or pressure.

Closures adapted to the product and the neck of the bottle offer a higher level of protection of the contents and the environment while preventing accidents such as leaks, from occurring. LabCaps provide greater safety during filling, transport, storage, and use. Careful planning and development are therefore essential, as any potential weak point must be considered and eliminated at the design stage. This allows KISICO to offer high-performance, high-quality, and cost-effective products.

By selecting the appropriate raw materials, LabCaps can also be used for high-temperature applications over 300°C. They can be produced in the cleanroom. Special sealing liners ensure optimum tightness even with critical filling materials, such as hazardous goods.

Heat resistance
till 300°C
Highest purity
Resistance to chemicals

Bioplastic caps


Our GreenLine was developed to cater to the increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions. GreenLine caps can be made from renewable raw materials and can be biodegradable as well as carbon-neutral.

This diversity is possible through our use of various raw materials formulated from starches, cellulose, lactic acid, lignin or natural polyester produced by organic synthesis. For numerous applications, we could even use recyclates or ocean waste plastic.

Bioplastics offer an excellent alternative to plastics made from fossil fuels, especially for packaging applications. KISICO has been processing a variety of bioplastics for over a decade, which enables us to offer a wide range of bioplastic caps including rustic wood-imitation caps, food-grade, tamper-evident caps as well as hinged caps.

Made from recycled materials

Caps from our modular system


The EasyCaps are our standard product line, for which we offer a vast range of customization options. Choose from a portfolio that has been growing for over 75 years. Depending on intended use, you can select the material, colors and the appropriate sealing inlay. In combination with our sealing disks, we can deliver over 85,000 different closures.

Customization offers you a way to set yourselves apart from your competition. Another advantage of choosing a closure from our standard product range is the short delivery time. We consistently have a multitude of caps on stock to meet your short-term needs.

KISICO goes beyond production to consult you on your specific needs. Our experts are ready to answer the most technical and complex questions and suggest the best solutions.

Wide range
Modular system with over 85,000 variations
Expert consultation
during configuration
Short delivery time

Liners, rings and gaskets


As packaging specialists, we supply you with the right sealing discs, sealing inserts and septa for every application and every filling material. As part of KISICO’s services, we offer advice on the selection of the optimum seal for the respective application. In doing so, we look for the most economical way to ensure safety and reliability.

Depending on the application, seals supplied by KISICO have approvals in accordance with USP, EP, FDA, BfR or a Drug Master File regulations. Be it injection-molded polyethylene gaskets, injection-molded TPE gaskets, PTFE laminated gaskets, foamed gaskets, induction sealing foils or gaskets made from varying qualities of rubber – our experts will find a suitable gasket for every need. We take responsibility for the perfect fit of the sealing discs in the KISICO closures.

We promise to find an adequate sealing solution even for problematic filling goods such as aggressive chemicals, volatile substances or silicone oil.

Regulatory compliance
Innovative materials

Kirchner, Simon & Co. GmbH
Rieslingstrasse 41
65375 Oestrich-Winkel
Phone: +49 67 23 99 65-0
E-Mail: info@kisico.de

As cap & closure experts, we have been providing optimal safety for your products and to your consumers for over 75 years. Our expertise and competence offer you a competitive advantage through customized and innovative solutions.